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Why eCommerce?

The world of ecommerce has become an integral part of our lives. Today, it is used to purchase anything from basic groceries and commodities to exclusive luxury services. Online consumer culture created the expectation of having everything more accessible and faster to obtain.

For a long time now, ecommerce has not been an option for businesses – it is a necessity.

When considering the number of sales made each year in the retail market, the percentage of purchases made on ecommerce websites continues to grow every year and is expected to increase. This year, it already constitutes a significant market share for retail stores estimated at $ 5 billion US.

Ecommerce giants eBay and Amazon, which have long dominated the global retail market and offer surfers an unimaginable selection, have shown the exceptional demand for what ecommerce platforms offer. In the last decade, many world-renowned companies such as Walmart and Target have joined them. Realizing the enormous potential in ecommerce, they now offer their buyers a fast and easy purchasing experience via their websites and mobile applications, alongside the option of in-store purchasing.


Creating Success with Ecommerce

Success in ecommerce is not unequivocal: large companies alongside private traders, specializing in ecommerce, utilize a variety of trading strategies so that they can leverage their online trading platforms to reach as many potential customers as possible, thereby closing many sales. Success in the world of online retail depends on building the right strategy for the online store along with constant optimization in accordance with the changes in the economy and supply.

Today, any self-respecting business understands that it must take advantage of the enormous demand for ecommerce platforms and build its own store online, whether as a store within eBay or Amazon or Shopify.

Where Do We Operate?

Our business customers operate on all leading ecommerce platforms: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Target, Walmart, etc. We target audiences in Europe and the United States, where these stores receive over a millions exposures per month and achieve great success. 

Our Partners

Collaborators with this venture receive quick and easy access to the platform to achieve easy sales. Their various business activities are done via a dedicated and unique user interface. This interface allows them to analyze business performance statistics and to view reports, as well as to perform financial actions such as withdrawing funds, and more.

What is Our Experience?

We offer our collective experience and innovative technologies along with the many resources at our disposal to businesses and companies requiring a significant advantage in their trading strategy to be implemented in their online operations.

In addition to online commerce activities, we specialize in other crucial aspects of the retail world, that can lead to a significant improvement in business operations efficiencies, such as logistics and worldwide transportation, as well as data analysis and assembling dedicated commerce teams.

About Us

MightyCommerce is a leading Israeli ecommerce company specializing in commerce via widely used online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Target and more.

Our team consists of the leading ecommerce experts in the country, who have real experience in international trade, promotion, and marketing on ecommerce platforms.

Our Vision

Our goal is to take the capabilities and experience that we offer to our customers and expand their businesses by increasing their exposure to new audiences and new markets. This will allow us to create a central business system that will assimilate an enormous number of stores and will improve various trading strategies, to fulfill our goal: to turn MightyCommerce into the largest and leading ecommerce company in the world.

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